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Who is this? 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
We're adding new feature for Tabwire accounts to be able to unlink/link new Uplay accounts and Twitch accounts with… Read More
So AMD Ryzen 9 3900X half the price of the Intel I9-9900K, with more cores and threads!Seems like @AMD is doing i… Read More
Track both team's MMR and stats live in-game overlay with 1 click!Great idea by @R6Tracker!… Read More
The ending is priceless! 😂
Opening All Showdown Packs!Tried to squeeze all packs in 1 video 2:20m for Twitter! Enjoy ❤️
Hello @Rainbow6Game, can you add "I got the horses in the back" as a background track theme to your new 3v3 mode so… Read More
It's Monday morning, these DDOSers have nothing better to do? 😂Anyway we're working on it, and the site still up… Read More
The headshots/headshot accuracy on R6Tab is not correct. This a Ubisoft issue, not from R6Tab itself. Apologize for… Read More
We fixed the issues with for @PlayApex!Now you can refresh your profiles again, the probl… Read More