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Lost 5 MMR to cheaters, and this is what I got today as notification! Thank you @Rainbow6Game! Love this update!
Please @Rainbow6Game take Bombers, C4s and wires from Terrorist Hunt vanilla maps. We use T-Hunt to practice aim si… Read More
You're ready for this?
What a horrible Tweet! We're not suppose to support the game devs and pay them for their extra work?!For sure not… Read More
Based on the feedback we received from multiple players requesting this feature. We added a new section that shows… Read More
Announcement: We no longer ban for playing with low ranks, we'll leave this for Ubisoft to handle the matchmaking s… Read More
How is this even possible? Didn't see him and based on the video and what he told me later he said he didn't see me… Read More
Using 3:2 Aspect Ratio on 1x scopes is much better than default 16:9.If you look at the pictures, the one on the… Read More
New R6Tab background by @Dinnyforst!