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It's always the bottom fraggers.. 😂 is up now! We optimized the stats and no need to update the system every season now.Leade… Read More
R6Tab still under maintenance, sorry for the delay. We'll be back soon!
R6Tab will be down tomorrow for 1 hour at 11am EST for the updates for the new season Shifting Tides!Stay tuned f… Read More
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This hurts in so many levels.. tag a bad Jager main.
Posting your account for sale will flag your R6Tab profile.Selling/Buying Rainbow Six Siege accounts is not allow… Read More
Bug Fixed: - Leaderboards "ALL" wasn't working. The issue was with some names with special characters cannot be di… Read More
We fixed a bug where you cannot refresh profiles, change platform while search or see icons.
Hey @CallofDuty, why are you stealing Nokk from @Rainbow6Game?! 👊😡