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Who do you think it is?
Ubisoft: *Removes Claymore*Defenders:
What is happening?!! 😐
How do Italians hold pistols.. 😂
Congratulation @team_empire! And for @EvilGeniuses well played and better luck next time!Good play from all of yo… Read More
Sorry for the inconvenience and please give us about 48 hours to fix the problems.Bugs being fixed: - Cannot fin… Read More
Twitch subs, we're aware of the issue regarding premium membership on R6Tab using Twitch and working on resolving it ASAP!
Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there! It's definitly not always the easiest job but it is the most reward… Read More
Feels bad.. 😂-Credits: /u/BLUFSPILE
Back to work! Was in vacation then moved. Let's get things running now. Today will reply to all the support tickets… Read More